Sunday, 9 September 2012

A quick paddle after work 08/09/2012

I managed to get out for a quick session after work today with the plan being take a rod to troll lures until the tide dropped enough to take some pics of the wildlife on the exposed rocks at low water so I packed my DSLR in TWO! drybags and paddled out, I missed a good take almost immediately and then shortly afterwards I was into my first fish a nice sized Coalie.







This was followed by a Mackerel and then I managed a couple of Pollock the biggest weighing 4lb 8oz good fun fishing with light spinning rods made even more fun because the anti reverse on my reel packed in after the first Coalie so had to wedge the handle with my foot whilst paddling to stop the reel back winding!





Unfortunately todays small tides meant that the rocks were barely exposed at low water so no seals hauled out today but a few Cormorants Eider ducks and waders were about but the rocks were only just knocking the power of the swells so it was a case of getting in position and un dry bagging the camera before I was turned side on to the breakers by the wind scary with an expensive non waterproof camera but I managed these few shots




Sunday, 2 September 2012

Super conditions but slow fishing amongst the seals 02/09/2012

I had a trip back out in search of Pollock today managed a few on plugs and soft plastics to just over 4lb but the fishing was second place to being out amongst the wildlife and paddling through the kelp


Redcar scaurs jack trophy 005

Tide rip through a gap in the scaur great fun


Redcar scaurs jack trophy 022



Redcar scaurs jack trophy 033

Redcar scaurs jack trophy 036

Redcar scaurs jack trophy 037

Redcar scaurs jack trophy 038

Redcar scaurs jack trophy 042

Redcar scaurs jack trophy 070

Redcar scaurs jack trophy 080