Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A red letter day bumper haul of Thornback Rays 31/07/2012

With my first day off coinciding with a decent forecast for once I planned a pre dawn start with the hope of targeting Rays and another go at the elusive Tope
I arrived at the launch site before dawn and was paddling out into the gloom I decided to troll a plug out to the mark where I was anchoring to try and pick up some fresh bait I managed one greedy Mackerel and missed another take on the plug but I now had fresh bait
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 001

On anchoring the tide hadn't really got going in full flow but I filleted the mackerel and sent it down and then set about putting a whole Mackerel on the Tope rod and cast that a short way to the side of the Yak
Before long I had a tell tale pull on the ray rod then another which I hit and was into the first ray of the day after a spirited fight I had it alongside a nice fish of 9lb 5oz a few photos weighed and released unharmed
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 002

Bumper Tornback session 31072012 004

Bumper Tornback session 31072012 005

Bumper Tornback session 31072012 011

I prepared another bait and sent it back down before long I had a few rattles followed by a few more but these felt far too quick and savage for a ray after bringing back a stripped hook I sent a smaller bait down and had a succession of small whiting

Bumper Tornback session 31072012 013

Bumper Tornback session 31072012 014

Only one thing for it bigger bait so down went another bait and almost immediately I felt a slow pluck of a Ray so I lifted into it and again was into a Ray they really do pull well especially now the tide had picked up pace a bit as I was playing the ray I heard the baitrunner on the Tope rod give a couple of slow clicks then a few more but nothing developed.
I soon had the second Ray on board for its picture taken and this one weighed in a good bit smaller at 5lb 4oz
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 016

Bumper Tornback session 31072012 018

Another bait was lowered down and after some really big bumps I hit into a small fish but it was fighting strongly I knew it wasn't a whiting as I was expecting and was pleasantly surprised when nice Grey Gurnard appeared at the side of the Yak my first this year
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 021
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 023

Bumper Tornback session 31072012 022

By this time it was time for a quick blast to shore for a pee break so again marked my anchor on the gps and reeled the Tope rod in to find just the head of the Mackerel left cleanly bitten as well deffo not crabs!
Released the anchor cast the plug out and headed for the beach I managed another Mackerel on the way in and missed a take on the way out but managed to secure another Mackerel just before I got to my marker buoy so a bit more fresh bait
It started off well bagging another 2 Rays in quick succession one at 6lb 7oz and the other a little better at 7lb 14oz
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 028
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 024
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 031
I had just cast back out when I heard the baitrunner on the tope Rod let out a steady buzz so I quickly reeled the Ray rod in and watched excitedly as the Tope rod give a few nods and tore off again I picked it up and opened the bail arm to give the fish a bit of line to get the full Mackerel bait down then tightened into it and the rod hooped over I have been waiting a long time for this to happen but instead of a lightning fast run I was expecting it started to plod and kite in the tide after a short but powerful scrap a decent Thornie was flapping at the side of the Kayak a bit disappointed it wasn't a Tope but still a great fish pulling the scales down to 9lb 7oz.
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 046
So sent both rods back out and after a few of these greedy flatties
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 061
I was soon feeling the tell tale pluck of yet another ray so I struck and felt nothing but as soon as the lead hit the sand it nearly tore the rod out of my hands I must have just moved the lead and not hit it hard enough to pick up the longish trace this one really battled hard for the first few minutes then it just hung there but I was slowly gaining on it I knew what had happened and soon I could see the ray coming in backwards with the trace wrapped around its tail then just as I was to grab it it spun and freed itself powering back down tipping the yak quite far over as it went amazing power and this looked a double,soon it was back along side unhooked photographed and weighed 10lb 14oz great stuff
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 068
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 069
Next drop resulted in a slightly smaller Ray at 8lb 8oz
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 081
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 082
After a few more missed rattles probably flatties I got the solid tug I was waiting for and hit into yet another Ray and this one felt very heavy and after a lot of powerful lunges I got a look at it and knew this one was a double it went 11lb 3oz happy with that
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 084
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 086
Bumper Tornback session 31072012 088
With 8 good Thornback Rays landed I called it a day at 10:30
It just goes to show if you put enough effort in and do your homework occasionally it rewards you with a session to remember blowing away the memories of many blanks
Now to get to grips with a Tope from my home patch
Also have no skin left on most of my finger ends after handling these fish they make a right mess of them but at least I kept my fingers out of their mouths this time not a mistake I want to make again

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

This is what Fishing is all about!

This evening I decided to get out and do the sort of fishing that made me get into Kayak fishing in the first place but I had yet to have a crack at it getting to bogged down chasing other species





A spot of light tackle float fishing for the humble Mackerel but with the bonus of not having to put up with the crowds and quite often the dregs of society making a nuisance of themselves on the local piers and also allowing the use of finer tackle.


I launched out a couple of hours before high water and headed straight out into fairly deep water with the jigging rod just to see how plentiful the Mackerel were before trying the float gear but was surprised when they were quite thin on the ground but I managed a few to keep as bait and also the obligatory Coalie’s

Macky on the Float 001


Macky on the Float 004

After an hour or so with only two missed bites on the float rod I headed closer to shore and had a try in 9-14ft of water and was quickly rewarded with plenty of action to keep me busy a really fun way of fishing and great sport on light tackle made quite a change to being sat at anchor watching a rod tip


Macky on the Float 016


Macky on the Float 012



Macky on the Float 009

Macky on the Float 014

Macky on the Float 017

Macky on the Float 020

Macky on the Float 019



Yet again an excellent session afloat

Monday, 23 July 2012

Like Farther like Son

With a flat sea and near perfect conditions for messing about in the kayak with my son Jack (6) we headed out after tea his confidence on the water has come on great since his first time out last year.
We started off as always with him getting well and truly wet and swimming in his PFD and wetsuit which he couldn't get enough of this time a bit of a change from last year as he was afraid of the small waves not any more though

Then it was time for some serious paddling   :cheesy: and some expert guidance  :whistle: :laugh:

Then I put him through his paces at self rescues which he just about managed with a bit of a helping shove from Dad

He also got the hang of edging in this photo or was it the paddle was a bit to heavy for him  :laugh:

He even had the balance to have a go at standing up in the Dorado after seeing dad do it first time I have managed to do this without going for a swim  :yes: and just like Dad he took it all in his stride

Then we had a race back to shore

I think this photo summed up Jack's night well

I think he is hooked now after telling his Mam how "AWESOME" it was