Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A short hectic evening 26/05/2015

Had a few hours last night jigging over the local rock patches almost aborted the launch due to quite a stiff breeze but luckily it calmed down for the fishing and only blew back up big time on the paddle back in

Things started off a bit slow with countless micro Codling and fish in the 2lb bracket but managed to get 3 fish for the table with the biggest going 5lb an awesome short session 5:30pm - 9pm and managed to get a bit of time in the saddle of the 525 in quite lumpy conditions on the return paddle

Plenty of pics to share too


Monday, 25 May 2015

A quick morning session to christen the new kayaks 23/05/2015

I met up with Mark on Saturday morning to have a quick session more just to test out the Raymarine installs than anything and to get the new glass wet

We were soon paddling out through the tiny surf I had decided to leave the velcro footstraps on the stealth and give them a try as I usually take these straight off however the footwells are that tight on the 525 it makes it impossible to use them with neoprene boots on!
I trolled out to a likely looking area with no takes on the plugs but the Raymarine was working a treat clear picture so transducer seems to be set right a big relief

As soon as I dropped the small Pirk down I was into a decent cod but it bumped off halfway up this happened again next drop too!
But soon hauled in this beast

And managed around a dozen or so more all around 2-3lb still good fun on the lighter SP set up with small savage sandeels and Fiish Black Minnows

A fine little session