Tuesday, 2 June 2015

YAK Hallertau PFD

Just thought I would share my views on this PFD from YAK I have been using this since the start of the year so not that long but long enough to give a short term verdict on itDSC_0273

I was using the Kaikoura from Palm as it had the storage I wanted for Cameras,PLB’s GoPro remote VHF etc.
But I liked the look of the Hallertau it had all the storage of the Palm Kaikoura except for the bladder pocket on the back but this was something I never used on the Kaikoura but had a much more secure fastening as it is aimed more at the White-water paddlers rather than the Kayak anglers however getting tossed about in the surf I think the more secure the fit the better.

Initially I found it quite tricky to fasten up as you have 2 buckles, Velcro a zip and then finally the quick release belt but this got a lot easier once you have done it a few times and you can get it to fit very securely.

The pockets have good quality zips and I can stow away my cameras PLB and compass with ease and also has great attachment points for my Knife and VHF Radio along with two small pockets that are ideal for putting a whistle and rope cutter in and has a quick release split D ring for attaching things just below where I attach my knife this is great for attaching the clip at the end of my waist mounted towline to
As the YAK Hallertau is aimed at the white-water community it is designed to allow freedom of movement and it is a joy to paddle in it doesn't feel restrictive in the least due to the design across the shoulders
The PFD is finished to a very high standard and has plenty of scope for adjustment to get it feeling just right

Ive not used it long enough to give a thorough long term review but after 6 months of use I am very pleased with it