Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A quick session with Jack 27/07/2014

Myself Jack and Mark had a short session tonight made even shorter by the wind picking up but Jack managed a few fish and I got to have a nice paddle about
A few pics to share

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

A great session with my mates 26/07/2014

I had arranged at short notice a trip out with Chris travelling over from the North West to show him some ground I thought he would like to free dive and spearfish
I felt a bit under pressure hoping the visibility would still be good and not to much tide to allow Chris to get accustomed to a new environment but the conditions couldn't have been better on the day and was pretty sure he had a great time
The fishing wasn't as hectic as the past few days but still plenty to keep young Jack happy even though he hooked one or two that were too powerful for him at the moment

But he managed a few Pollack and Coalies and I bagged a couple on the jellyworms too

Dinner break

When launching had a quick chat with Mike returning from a dawn raid too

And found a perfect miniature Turbot in the shallows

A cracking session out with some good lads

Chris even managed to get one of Jacks kelped fish untangled for him too

Chris also supplied me with some of the best seafood I have ever tasted

So glad he enjoyed himself

and good to return a favour after Chris has put me and Jack onto some great Tope action

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Friday, 25 July 2014

A dusk session on the lures 24/07/2014

I met up with Mark after a flier from work and had a quick raid on the kelp edges we got out there with a decent swell rolling in and the fog looming just offshore but the water was gin clear and the fish were there in numbers but didn't hit anything really big the best going 5lb+

Got up close to a nice common seal hauled out and had the regular encounter with an angry bull grey seal so gave him a wide berth

A great quick session made all the better by seeing fish rounding up bait right on the beach looked good fish too attacking right under the bow of my kayak in the pitch black awesome



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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Targeting Pollack yet again 20/07/2014

I met up with Mark and Jase this morning at 4am only to be faced with a thick morning fog reducing visibility down to 50yds and a bit of swell on not wise to launch in these conditions we sat it out for an hour but no improvement meant back to bed and see what the day brought us the forecast wasn't looking good for the rest of the day, I awoke around 9am and took my daughter for a walk on the beach and was pleasantly surprised to see the fog gone and the sea was looking lovely.
I knew Sam was out there and a quick message to Mark saw us heading back out at 11:30 the forecast was totally wrong and a glorious day on the water was there for the taking, on the paddle out to meet Sam I had a Pollack of around 3lb hit the lure not a bad start

I had a quick chat with Sam then set off trolling getting all of 10 yrds before the rod slammed around this happened often but mainly 2-3lb fish with some really small ones attacking the plugs too,I saw Mark getting into a few and was chuffed to see him get a Bass on the lures

After a few more small Pollack I had a try slowly retrieving a Jellyworm after a few casts I got the tell tale pluck of a Pollack so kept retrieving slowly and the tip bent into the water drag screaming and decent fish on after a great scrap I had a fine Pollack in the net

Not a bad Fish weighing in at 7lb 4oz
could only manage small fish after this and the heat was taking its toll on Mark so headed in a great session that I wasnt expecting done some miles this last week