Monday, 14 July 2014

A quick trip between the school runs 14/07/2014

With a fairly good forecast I managed to get to the launch for 9am after dropping the kids at school. Big tide today so a long trolley to the water and a bit of a stiff offshore breeze meant the paddle out was brisk on arriving at my usual spot I cast the lure out put the rod in the holder and only got about 2-3 paddle strokes in and the rod hooped over fish on and a fine pollack of around 2-3lb on board this carried on all morning interspersed with a large amount of Mackerel hitting the plugs too

I had the usual happen 3 times today hooking into really good fish one kelping me after a long scrap and just getting my plug back and the other two just down to hook pulls unbelievable but thats fishing
Managed to land a lot around the 4lb mark and took a 4lb 7oz fish home for the table along with a smaller one that had damage to its eye from the lure but released over twenty fish and able to shake a few Mackerel off the hooks too

Managed this pic of a Lion's Mane Jellyfish

I needed to get back in plenty of time to pick the kids up from school so decided on trolling back in the long way as the tide had dropped so not a straightforward paddle back so set off and had to reel the rod in because the fish were hammering it all the way making progress impossible passed the wreck on the way in and battled back against a headwind all the way

Not a bad little session

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