Thursday, 17 July 2014

Out and at em again 17/07/2014

Managed to launch at midday today after being at work since 3am, Thought I would get a bit of fishing in before the weather gap closed putting the Pollack out of bounds for a while

Found the Pollack straight away with constant action from 2-3lb fish with a few smaller ones too had the usual couple of lunkers but not losing them due to kelp or hook pulls just braid sheared off on the rock ledges
I did however net one fish that was probably a PB just but managed to leap off my deck leaving the trebles in the net before I could get a pic
A few snaps of some of the smaller fish

As the tide was starting to turn the wind picked up making conditions tricky so headed back in picking my way between the exposed kelp ledges had a hunting Razorbill for company for a while too

No wonder the bigger fish take some getting out when they have this for cover


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