Sunday, 25 March 2012

25/03/2012 My first Yak Turbot!

I woke early this morning so got up checked the forecast online all OK but still some mist lingering loaded the car and got to my usual launch spot at first light it was quite misty but as I was planning some bait fishing for the thornies I felt confident things would be OK and only a very short paddle back to the beach if things got any worse.

What a cracking sunrise to watch paddling out to my mark

I got my anchor set and baited up my Thornback rig with a nice fillet of Mackerel and sat in anticipation nothing happened so after about 40 mins I rebaited with a fresh fillet and sat and waited it wasn't long until I had a savage bump on the rod tip then another then a proper lunge I knew by the bite it wasn't likely to be a thornie but I hit into it and could feel a fish thumping away not very big but full of fight
After a short spirited fight I had this at the side of the yak

Not a monster Turbot but it has been one of my targets to catch from the kayak and it is my new PB at 1lb 4oz so a few quick snaps and weighed it and watched it swim back down to the depths superb stuff.
The next couple of hours passed by without any more action so I decided to head out a bit as the mist was clearing and do a spot of jigging which was slow going today but still managed around a dozen decent Coalies which were also returned to fight another day along with a few Launce which were kept for future sessions after the rays

An excellent short solo session and back home well before dinner

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Caught in the mist but well prepared

Myself and Davo met up with Tom and Jase at Skinningrove at first light this morning we got the yaks unloaded and were soon paddling out into the cold morning

There was a little bit of mist about and as the sun got out it appeared to be clearing so me and Dave headed out into 60-70ft of water and Tom and Jase were slightly inshore of us where Tom hooked and lost a good fish and Dave managed to bag a couple of small Codling

I however couldn't get a touch not even from my old friend the Coalie but after a short while and a few starfish hooked I managed this MONSTER

After this me and Dave decided on a quick landing on the rocks at the base of Huntcliff for a leg stretch so we passed Jase on the way who still hadn't caught but had also lost a fish and we asked him where Tom had got to as we couldn't reach him on the VHF it was now we found out Tom had donated his shiny new VHF to Davy Jones' Locker not good as the group was now split and there was still a liitle bit of mist about.
Had a quick leg stretch and a drink amongst the rocks

Fibre Glass and Rocks  :surprise: :surprise: :whistle:

Tried ringing Tom to check up on him but no answer but was sure his phone was stowed away
Me and Dave then headed back out confident in finding a few more fish and were promptly followed by a seal that kept having a sneaky look in the back of Daves yak which kept me amused on the paddle we got out from the cliffs and could see Jase slightly North of us and fishing away happily, then just as we were reaching our fishing grounds the mist closed in in seconds me and Dave both instinctively about turned our Yaks and we both started paddling back to the shore however we both had very different ideas as to which way this was as Dave started on a course that would have seen him next touch land at around South Shields so I shouted him and then checked my own route with my compass and we were heading back the right way.

Even with the compass Dave took some convincing but after quite a paddle the rock and Kelp were visible on the fishfinder and then we could see the exposed Kelp on the surface so it was just a case of hugging the kelp line and working our way back to the jetty and our launch spot still very disorientating and Dave was convinced we had paddled past the Jetty and we were now south of Hummersea but I persuaded him we were still on the right track and I could only convince him when he heard a dog barking on the beach at Skinny then the Jetty loomed out of the fog so we beached

During the paddle I had been concerned as to Jase's actions when the fog closed in so I got my mobile out of the hatch and gave him a quick bell to see if he was OK and was relieved to hear he was amongst the kelp working his way up the shoreline happy with that as Jase has yet to get himself a VHF now there was just Tom to check on but Dave found him back in the car park all loaded ready to go home he had come off the water much earlier as he had recieved a phone call to say one of his kids had a bit of a fall at home nothing serious but he needed to get home anyway so all ended OK but it is a lesson as to how quickly something could go wrong with bad decisions
and just thought I would put this pic on of my PFD that has served me well over my time Yakkin note that everything is attached in some way!!

My first launch at Skinningrove and it was enjoyable