Sunday, 24 July 2016


I had been waiting for a good forecast to get Jack out fishing again this year and spotted a window in the weather so we paddled out to our chosen mark trolling a lure on the way out it didnt take long for the rod to buckle round with Coalies and small Pollack keeping young Jack occupied but we really wanted to up his kayak PB’s
Jack needs no help on the fishing side of things now hes getting very competent even choosing his own lures after quite a slow drift I was wanting to move places but Jack wanted one last drop down and a quick jig retrieve to see if anything would chase the lure fast so I was delighted to see the rod slam hard over as he was speed jigging mid water reel singing and him battling the fish really hard after a good tussle up popped a PB Pollack for him to claim estimated at 6lb+ chuffed to bits

lovely to see these great sport fish returned to fight another day too

I managed some nice Cod and a Wrasse

Then I was unhooking a Cod I watched Jack latch into a lovely Red Cod of around 5lb another PB and we slipped it back forgetting to take any pics I'm sure he will beat that PB fairly soon though

Kept two Mackerel for tea but everything else returned unharmed


Thursday, 24 March 2016

St Abbs 19/03/2016

Managed to get my first trip of the year eventually so headed up to the Scottish Borders

Launched into quite a lumpy sea and a bitter wind  after what seemed like hours of fruitless fishing I finally managed to locate a few fish

A short time later the rest of the group were starting to hit into some fish so we managed to hold of any blanks

As we landed Chris had a test of the Tempo as he has had his eye on one in the future think it suited him well