Saturday, 1 November 2014

Some fooling around in the RTM Disco

I was fortunate enough to have the offer of 1st wet & wilds Demo RTM Disco to use and had a very eager little boy keen try it out so Friday morning saw me and Jack seeking shelter from the wind down at Runswick Bay to get afloat

Jack was quite at home paddling the Disco about and before long he was climbing around to get a feel for it and then went on to impress me by managing to solo self rescue out of his depth every time on both the Disco and scupper

Now he is just showing me up

Now today he had footy training so myself and Mark took them on a trip from Runswick to Staithes and back managing a bit of Rockhopping along the way mainly flat but managed to seek out some action with a few bigger sets of waves the RTM Disco is the nimblest SOT I have paddled yet and has a rounded hull like a sea Kayak so whilst initially feels twitchy once used to it it is great fun and very responsive