Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Some fine clear water lure fishing 30/09/2014


Had my first fishing session on the Scupper pro today only a quick session between school runs

Started out dragging a lure about over the kelp slow going but finally hit into a fish strange though not the fast powerful scrap of a pollack just a very heavy weight with a few nods and headshakes managed to get the fish midwater but the hook pulled gutted I didnt get to ID it but one of them things
Couldnt get anymore action so decided to Jig a small 3oz Pirk for a while in deeper water which gave me plenty of Codling over a dozen kept 2 4lbers for the table and released the rest also loads of micro Codling and whiting about and also had a fine Grey Gurnard who managed to escape before the camera came out

I soon got bored on the Cod grounds and thoughts started turning to the Pollack so quick change over to a deep diver and headed to the rock edges and managed a small one straight away

Then the rod tip wrapped around and drag burning I was attached to a big Pollack I managed to control it slightly and just as I thought I was making ground it took off again as I slowed the spool with my hand I felt the braid grind against a ledge and it parted Gutted yet again by a big Pollack lost count of the potential Double figured Pollack I have lost this year but great sport none the less
A great session and bloodied the Scupper Pro


Saturday, 20 September 2014

Scarborough Kayak match 20/09/2014

Me and Jack had an enjoyable day at Scarborough yesterday launching in nice conditions but the forecast proved right and ended up quite challenging but Jack remained composed as usual we had a plan of trolling lures even if the clarity wasnt great he was soon pulling in Coalie after Coalie but unfortunately they were all about 2cms short of landing size however it proved our lure was visible down there

As we approached the rockier section Jacks tip hammered round and he was into a better fish soon subduing it and a nice bass appeared at the side of the kayak he was convinced it was on size but when I placed it on the measure it went 39cm once again 2cm short tried stretching it to no avail so went back to grow a bit bigger

soon after this the conditions blew up a bit and the sea lifted making the paddle back great fun cresting the waves a great day out for us both
And great to see a good bunch of lads in the prizes at the end well done all

Friday, 12 September 2014

Another quick Pollack session

Managed a launch at Redcar this morning paddled out into a very flat clear sea managed a Pollack around 4lb very quickly and then it went dead having to really work the ground to get anymore action

Then had the rod almost ripped from the holder as a real biggie headed for the kelp managed to stop it but the second run sheared the braid off on a rock edge
With no more action I decided to head in via the wreck and work that area for a while if only it was easy to know the exact location of it lol

I dont normally have much luck here mainly small coalies but today I picked up 5-6 fish in quick succession keeping one of just over 6lb for the table

Not as hectic as usual but a fine mornings sport

Monday, 1 September 2014

A spot of free diving!

The last day of the summer hols for Jack so asked him what he fancied doing the conditions were looking good for a pollack session on the DUO or a snorkelling forage Jack was keen as always to get wet and mess about on the rock edges
So we met up with Mark and headed out to the rocks on the ebbing tide me and Jack quickly found a very large Flounder in the shallows but disappeared when I switched the gopro on but we saw an array of life down there with loads of really big shore crabs and velvet swimmers along with a few barely size edibles
We swam through a spectacular shoal of Sandeels a few hundred at least along with a few Pollack and what looked like a small plaice also seeing sea scorpions and some amazing coloured bloody henry starfish it really is a stunning place down there

As we got to the deeper end of the scaur I managed to spot a nice lobster under a ledge so borrowed Marks crab hook to try and wrangle it out

After a few goes at it I managed to coax it out where I managed to grab it without it grabbing me and what a beast weighing in at 3lb 10oz that will take some beating


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