Saturday, 20 September 2014

Scarborough Kayak match 20/09/2014

Me and Jack had an enjoyable day at Scarborough yesterday launching in nice conditions but the forecast proved right and ended up quite challenging but Jack remained composed as usual we had a plan of trolling lures even if the clarity wasnt great he was soon pulling in Coalie after Coalie but unfortunately they were all about 2cms short of landing size however it proved our lure was visible down there

As we approached the rockier section Jacks tip hammered round and he was into a better fish soon subduing it and a nice bass appeared at the side of the kayak he was convinced it was on size but when I placed it on the measure it went 39cm once again 2cm short tried stretching it to no avail so went back to grow a bit bigger

soon after this the conditions blew up a bit and the sea lifted making the paddle back great fun cresting the waves a great day out for us both
And great to see a good bunch of lads in the prizes at the end well done all

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