Monday, 1 September 2014

A spot of free diving!

The last day of the summer hols for Jack so asked him what he fancied doing the conditions were looking good for a pollack session on the DUO or a snorkelling forage Jack was keen as always to get wet and mess about on the rock edges
So we met up with Mark and headed out to the rocks on the ebbing tide me and Jack quickly found a very large Flounder in the shallows but disappeared when I switched the gopro on but we saw an array of life down there with loads of really big shore crabs and velvet swimmers along with a few barely size edibles
We swam through a spectacular shoal of Sandeels a few hundred at least along with a few Pollack and what looked like a small plaice also seeing sea scorpions and some amazing coloured bloody henry starfish it really is a stunning place down there

As we got to the deeper end of the scaur I managed to spot a nice lobster under a ledge so borrowed Marks crab hook to try and wrangle it out

After a few goes at it I managed to coax it out where I managed to grab it without it grabbing me and what a beast weighing in at 3lb 10oz that will take some beating


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