Friday, 24 August 2012

Yet another fun packed day afloat 24/08/2012

Today I had a session on a new mark and met up with Sam a fellow yak fisherman the tactics today were to be lure fishing both hard and soft the action started almost Immediately with a couple of stonking Coalies around the 2lb mark and one going just a touch over at 2lb 2oz a new PB


Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 009


The next take saw line peeling from the reel and the fish on the end doing a good impression of a Sailfish tail walking and thrashing around on the surface but soon the culprit was at the side of the yak a fine Sea Trout of around 3lb another PB


Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 003


Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 005

after that excitement I thought I would head over to where Sam was getting into some nice Pollock and was rewarded with a small specimen on the plug


Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 014

After quite a few more on the plugs I had some success on the soft plastics


Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 024


Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 026


Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 033

By this time it was time for a leg stretch and a bite to eat so we headed to an exposed rock and discovered we were not alone but had the company of some Common seals that weren’t as shy as I had thought so I took the opportunity to get in the water and take some pics






Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 112


We headed back out but the wind had picked up a little but the fish were there in numbers and trolling plugs was the most effective way of fishing now with the swell increasing and the hits were coming thick and fast with countless Pollock up to around 4 1/2lb another PB for me being brought aboard but as time was pressing we decided to switch to shallow divers and head in which accounted for a few more belting takes and several more 4lb+ Pollock in shallower water






Unfortunately the troll back to shore was cut short by Sams Yak developing quite a bad leak but a bit of teamwork a bilge pump and calm clear heads made the situation do able and we were soon both safe back ashore after yet another great trip one to remember


Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 091

Some Ray’s amongst the squall’s 23/08/2012

I managed a short 3 hour session this afternoon had to wait until a storm had passed over and throughout the session had to keep a watchful eye on the very dark clouds but once out and anchored over my mark it was fairly comfortable fishing with the wind on my back but when the gusts increased it did mean the yak was getting swamped now and again.





The session started quite slow with just a Grey Gurnard and 2 Mackerel to show but soon enough I had the tell tale rattle of a Ray interested in my bait after another gentle pull I lifted into my first Ray of the session and after a very good battle I had her on board weighed and photographed then returned no worse for wear at 7lb 7oz


Thornie session 23.08.2012 001


Thornie session 23.08.2012 002


Thornie session 23.08.2012 004

Thornie session 23.08.2012 005

Thornie session 23.08.2012 007


Next cast I was clearing away a few things and tidying up the deck when I felt the line go slack after reeling in a lot of line I caught up with whatever was running uptide and the rod hooped over as I lifted into my second ray a bit smaller but full of fight as I have found the males to be much more spirited scrappers


Soon the little fellow was on board weighing in at 5lb 6oz


Thornie session 23.08.2012 014


Thornie session 23.08.2012 017


After releasing that one I didn’t have to wait very long at all for the next bite and as soon as I lifted into it the reel was screaming as the fish took line and made several heavy lunges before getting it’s tail wrapped in the trace and becoming a dead weight which was a hell of a struggle to drag back up against the strong tide but soon enough I had hold of the trace and got the Ray on board just as well as the yak had turned side on to the wind now and was getting rocked by the wind chop



This one weighed in at 10lb 9oz 3 rays and 1 double very happy with that in such a short session


Thornie session 23.08.2012 021


Thornie session 23.08.2012 022



Thornie session 23.08.2012 026

The next 40mins were spent getting pestered by small fish mainly flounders and dabs stripping baits as soon as they hit the deck


Thornie session 23.08.2012 028


So I called it a day as I still had the paddle back to shore against the offshore wind but as I hauled anchor the wind dropped nicely making it not too bad to paddle back in.



Another enjoyable session afloat


Thornie session 23.08.2012 029


Thornie session 23.08.2012 030

Monday, 20 August 2012

A paddle out at Saltburn 20/08/2012

Today I had an afternoon paddle from Saltburn to Skinningrove and back more paddling than fishing today but managed a Codling on my light set up


there was plenty of bird life about today with a lot of Razorbills and an awesome sight of a group of feeding Guillemots passing very close to the Kayak and around 5ft below the surface great to see in the clear water







Not much more action with just a solitary Grey Gurnard and a couple of greedy Coalfish attacking the trolled Yo-zuri on the paddle back to Saltburn and also took a dunking by a small breaker right on the beach DISASTER!





Saturday, 18 August 2012

1st Bass of the year 18/08/2012

I had a session out on the kayak today trolling a deep diving plug around a local rock mark the session was hampered a little by a strong westerly wind but soon I had my first fish of the day on board a fine Coalie



after a lot of paddling I decided to head into slightly shallower water and after a short while the wind dropped just enough for my forward speed to increase just enough to get the plug to dive deeper and work at a better depth and was rewarded with the rod tip slamming round and soon had my 1st Bass of 2012 in the net weighed at 1lb 14oz and released










Another enjoyable trip but quite a slog back to shore against the wind and spray

Friday, 10 August 2012

A troll through the surf Marske–Redcar and back 10/08/2012

Today I wasn’t expecting to get out for a paddle but on hearing the Mrs and kids had planned to go out I packed the gear and loaded the yak taking minimal gear and decided just to troll some plugs about



I had a look at the conditions and decided on the long paddle to Redcar scaurs it didn’t take long for the rod tip to rattle round but only a Mackerel but not a bad start






There was to be no further action over the next couple of miles until I hit the scaur edges when the rod tapped and then moments later the rod slammed hard round thumping violently all the hallmarks of a Bass take but by the time I prized the rod from the holder the fish had gone.


After an hour or so of trolling around likely looking drop offs with only one more mackerel to show for it I switched plugs for the long paddle back and was halted by this little Coalie showing an interest in my offering








I hugged the surf break on the way back to my launch spot but no fish were to take an interest today so had a quick half hour messing in the surf











Thursday, 9 August 2012

Out through the surf but poor fishing 09/08/2012

I launched this morning at 5:45 into some quite big surf the wind forecast was excellent so I was sure it wasn’t likely to build any while I was out, after breaking through the surf which was fun I anchored just over 1/2 a mile offshore in the hope of more rays but unfortunately it was paved with small dabs and whiting which shredded even the biggest baits in a few minutes,
















After 3-4 hours of this and not been able to keep a bait out long enough to give a chance of a ray homing in on it I decided to pack up after stowing all the gear away ready for the surf landing I noticed the fishfinder burst into life showing a shoal of fish passing through so I quickly rigged up some small feathers and spent the next 30mins non stop action with small whiting and joey Mackerel so at least I had replenished my bait stocks.











Once paddled back to the edge of the surf line I watched the swells coming in for a while before picking my moment to get back in which went to plan today!



Back on the safety of the beach and the photos never do the conditions justice



Not a great deal of fish but enjoyable as always