Thursday, 9 August 2012

Out through the surf but poor fishing 09/08/2012

I launched this morning at 5:45 into some quite big surf the wind forecast was excellent so I was sure it wasn’t likely to build any while I was out, after breaking through the surf which was fun I anchored just over 1/2 a mile offshore in the hope of more rays but unfortunately it was paved with small dabs and whiting which shredded even the biggest baits in a few minutes,
















After 3-4 hours of this and not been able to keep a bait out long enough to give a chance of a ray homing in on it I decided to pack up after stowing all the gear away ready for the surf landing I noticed the fishfinder burst into life showing a shoal of fish passing through so I quickly rigged up some small feathers and spent the next 30mins non stop action with small whiting and joey Mackerel so at least I had replenished my bait stocks.











Once paddled back to the edge of the surf line I watched the swells coming in for a while before picking my moment to get back in which went to plan today!



Back on the safety of the beach and the photos never do the conditions justice



Not a great deal of fish but enjoyable as always

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