Friday, 24 August 2012

Yet another fun packed day afloat 24/08/2012

Today I had a session on a new mark and met up with Sam a fellow yak fisherman the tactics today were to be lure fishing both hard and soft the action started almost Immediately with a couple of stonking Coalies around the 2lb mark and one going just a touch over at 2lb 2oz a new PB


Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 009


The next take saw line peeling from the reel and the fish on the end doing a good impression of a Sailfish tail walking and thrashing around on the surface but soon the culprit was at the side of the yak a fine Sea Trout of around 3lb another PB


Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 003


Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 005

after that excitement I thought I would head over to where Sam was getting into some nice Pollock and was rewarded with a small specimen on the plug


Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 014

After quite a few more on the plugs I had some success on the soft plastics


Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 024


Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 026


Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 033

By this time it was time for a leg stretch and a bite to eat so we headed to an exposed rock and discovered we were not alone but had the company of some Common seals that weren’t as shy as I had thought so I took the opportunity to get in the water and take some pics






Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 112


We headed back out but the wind had picked up a little but the fish were there in numbers and trolling plugs was the most effective way of fishing now with the swell increasing and the hits were coming thick and fast with countless Pollock up to around 4 1/2lb another PB for me being brought aboard but as time was pressing we decided to switch to shallow divers and head in which accounted for a few more belting takes and several more 4lb+ Pollock in shallower water






Unfortunately the troll back to shore was cut short by Sams Yak developing quite a bad leak but a bit of teamwork a bilge pump and calm clear heads made the situation do able and we were soon both safe back ashore after yet another great trip one to remember


Pollock and seal 24th aug 2012 091


  1. Fantastic, big, fat sea trout and great pictures of the seal.

  2. Nice one Andy, very nice photos and good report.