Friday, 24 August 2012

Some Ray’s amongst the squall’s 23/08/2012

I managed a short 3 hour session this afternoon had to wait until a storm had passed over and throughout the session had to keep a watchful eye on the very dark clouds but once out and anchored over my mark it was fairly comfortable fishing with the wind on my back but when the gusts increased it did mean the yak was getting swamped now and again.





The session started quite slow with just a Grey Gurnard and 2 Mackerel to show but soon enough I had the tell tale rattle of a Ray interested in my bait after another gentle pull I lifted into my first Ray of the session and after a very good battle I had her on board weighed and photographed then returned no worse for wear at 7lb 7oz


Thornie session 23.08.2012 001


Thornie session 23.08.2012 002


Thornie session 23.08.2012 004

Thornie session 23.08.2012 005

Thornie session 23.08.2012 007


Next cast I was clearing away a few things and tidying up the deck when I felt the line go slack after reeling in a lot of line I caught up with whatever was running uptide and the rod hooped over as I lifted into my second ray a bit smaller but full of fight as I have found the males to be much more spirited scrappers


Soon the little fellow was on board weighing in at 5lb 6oz


Thornie session 23.08.2012 014


Thornie session 23.08.2012 017


After releasing that one I didn’t have to wait very long at all for the next bite and as soon as I lifted into it the reel was screaming as the fish took line and made several heavy lunges before getting it’s tail wrapped in the trace and becoming a dead weight which was a hell of a struggle to drag back up against the strong tide but soon enough I had hold of the trace and got the Ray on board just as well as the yak had turned side on to the wind now and was getting rocked by the wind chop



This one weighed in at 10lb 9oz 3 rays and 1 double very happy with that in such a short session


Thornie session 23.08.2012 021


Thornie session 23.08.2012 022



Thornie session 23.08.2012 026

The next 40mins were spent getting pestered by small fish mainly flounders and dabs stripping baits as soon as they hit the deck


Thornie session 23.08.2012 028


So I called it a day as I still had the paddle back to shore against the offshore wind but as I hauled anchor the wind dropped nicely making it not too bad to paddle back in.



Another enjoyable session afloat


Thornie session 23.08.2012 029


Thornie session 23.08.2012 030

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