Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Some fine clear water lure fishing 30/09/2014


Had my first fishing session on the Scupper pro today only a quick session between school runs

Started out dragging a lure about over the kelp slow going but finally hit into a fish strange though not the fast powerful scrap of a pollack just a very heavy weight with a few nods and headshakes managed to get the fish midwater but the hook pulled gutted I didnt get to ID it but one of them things
Couldnt get anymore action so decided to Jig a small 3oz Pirk for a while in deeper water which gave me plenty of Codling over a dozen kept 2 4lbers for the table and released the rest also loads of micro Codling and whiting about and also had a fine Grey Gurnard who managed to escape before the camera came out

I soon got bored on the Cod grounds and thoughts started turning to the Pollack so quick change over to a deep diver and headed to the rock edges and managed a small one straight away

Then the rod tip wrapped around and drag burning I was attached to a big Pollack I managed to control it slightly and just as I thought I was making ground it took off again as I slowed the spool with my hand I felt the braid grind against a ledge and it parted Gutted yet again by a big Pollack lost count of the potential Double figured Pollack I have lost this year but great sport none the less
A great session and bloodied the Scupper Pro


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