Thursday, 2 October 2014

A bumper session on the Cod over a 100 fish and a new PB 02/10/2014

Woke up this morning to no wind and a lovely looking sea chucked some bits in a dry bag and loaded up the scupper pro and blasted out only had 4hrs but it was worth it.
I dont normally fish for Cod preferring Pollack fishing but the lure wasn't generating any strikes amongst the kelp today so headed out into deeper water no fish finder again so relying on good old fashioned pot markers and bird action I was soon into plenty of fish on a small 2oz pirk and string of feathers getting strings of 2lb cod and small Pollack racking up the numbers quickly then losing 3 BIG Cod in quick succession one of which felt special but always next time

Managed to lose my last little Pirk so set up with feathers and a small lead the catch rate dropped but had a potting boat come close and haul his pots he shouted me over and asked if I had lost some tackle and handed me back my pirk from his pot rope RESULT!
So quick change and normal service resumed with a bumper haul of Codling over 100 in total along with a few Pollack to 3.5lb

Had a few lions mane Jellyfish around me along with Gannets Razorbills and a good few Puffins mainly young ones but a few nicely coloured adults too

I then hooked a better Cod and this time got it onboard and it turned out to be a new PB when weighed back on the beach at 8lb 7oz

Also had this one that had escaped something trying to eat it

A great little spur of the moment session not my usual style of fishing but enjoyable and kept a few fish for the table including a smattering of Mackerel but returning over 90% happy days


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