Sunday, 25 March 2012

25/03/2012 My first Yak Turbot!

I woke early this morning so got up checked the forecast online all OK but still some mist lingering loaded the car and got to my usual launch spot at first light it was quite misty but as I was planning some bait fishing for the thornies I felt confident things would be OK and only a very short paddle back to the beach if things got any worse.

What a cracking sunrise to watch paddling out to my mark

I got my anchor set and baited up my Thornback rig with a nice fillet of Mackerel and sat in anticipation nothing happened so after about 40 mins I rebaited with a fresh fillet and sat and waited it wasn't long until I had a savage bump on the rod tip then another then a proper lunge I knew by the bite it wasn't likely to be a thornie but I hit into it and could feel a fish thumping away not very big but full of fight
After a short spirited fight I had this at the side of the yak

Not a monster Turbot but it has been one of my targets to catch from the kayak and it is my new PB at 1lb 4oz so a few quick snaps and weighed it and watched it swim back down to the depths superb stuff.
The next couple of hours passed by without any more action so I decided to head out a bit as the mist was clearing and do a spot of jigging which was slow going today but still managed around a dozen decent Coalies which were also returned to fight another day along with a few Launce which were kept for future sessions after the rays

An excellent short solo session and back home well before dinner

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