Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A Fine evening on the Pollack 7/7/2014

I met up with Mark last night for a session trolling for Pollack the forecasted wind was 5mph but I knew all day it was much stronger and my fears were correct as we faced out to see short steep chop some breaking swells and white caps as far as you could see but we were here now and hopes were high
As we paddled out we were hit side on a few times in the shallower water but on asking Mark if he was happy heading out further he gave the nod and I knew he was going to up his PB Pollack if we could reach the right area
Almost as soon as we were on the grounds my rod hooped over and Pollack No1 was on board a fine looking fish

Then Mark was into one before I had returned mine a new PB

and this continued all night paddling no more than 2-3mins before being hit often when I was most dreading it side on to breaking water but all great sport and the sea and wind had dropped to nothing for the last few hours with Mark upping his PB a few more times

I too got a new PB at 8lb 1oz along with around 40-45 more averaging 3-4lb keeping 4 for the table but releasing the rest to fight another day

I saw Mark into a good fish but he had it on board in no time so didnt give it much thought until I trolled past him unhooking it what a beast a new PB and a double weighed on the beach later at 11lb 1oz chuffed to bits for him what a fish

one happy boy

I had a fish hatch with 4 really nice Pollack in it and should have been over the moon with it but towards the end of the session I lost two really good fish to the kelp one of which I dont want to even imagine its weight so was left feeling absolutely wounded
But theres always next time


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