Sunday, 20 July 2014

Targeting Pollack yet again 20/07/2014

I met up with Mark and Jase this morning at 4am only to be faced with a thick morning fog reducing visibility down to 50yds and a bit of swell on not wise to launch in these conditions we sat it out for an hour but no improvement meant back to bed and see what the day brought us the forecast wasn't looking good for the rest of the day, I awoke around 9am and took my daughter for a walk on the beach and was pleasantly surprised to see the fog gone and the sea was looking lovely.
I knew Sam was out there and a quick message to Mark saw us heading back out at 11:30 the forecast was totally wrong and a glorious day on the water was there for the taking, on the paddle out to meet Sam I had a Pollack of around 3lb hit the lure not a bad start

I had a quick chat with Sam then set off trolling getting all of 10 yrds before the rod slammed around this happened often but mainly 2-3lb fish with some really small ones attacking the plugs too,I saw Mark getting into a few and was chuffed to see him get a Bass on the lures

After a few more small Pollack I had a try slowly retrieving a Jellyworm after a few casts I got the tell tale pluck of a Pollack so kept retrieving slowly and the tip bent into the water drag screaming and decent fish on after a great scrap I had a fine Pollack in the net

Not a bad Fish weighing in at 7lb 4oz
could only manage small fish after this and the heat was taking its toll on Mark so headed in a great session that I wasnt expecting done some miles this last week


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