Saturday, 7 July 2012

An enjoyable paddle about in less than Ideal conditions 07/07/2012

After finishing work around dinnertime and pacing the house looking at the mist blocking the view of Errington woods from the living room window then checking the back where I couldn't see the sea but I could at least see the cars on the coast road I figured a launch might just be doable I had been out in worse.
So got my gear together and headed out for a paddle to Saltburn and back I didn't fancy sitting out there at anchor so took a very light spinning outfit and a couple of plugs to do a bit of trolling also packed some very small Hokkias just in case I fancied a bit of jigging.
I arrived at my usual launch spot and as soon as I stepped out of the car I could hear the surf rumbling but on inspection it looked easily within my capabilities for launching but landing would be fun I was soon ploughing out through the surf and had a big breaker crack right over me which swamped the seat and made for a damp ass as I made my way down towards Saltburn

The visibility was quite good except for pockets of fog lying around Huntcliff and very thick fog just slightly inland

By the time I had arrived at Saltburn I hadn't a touch on the Yo-Zuri which didn't surprise me as the water was quite mucky with a pronounced line where the tide had gathered debris washed out by the rivers with some large tree stumps/limbs mixed in not good for the boats  :scare:

There was plenty of Surfers out at Saltburn enjoying the swells rolling in I trolled back towards Marske and still not a touch so on with the Hokkais 14lb braid 2oz bomb and 7ft ultra light rod this would be fun I was soon over a mark I knew would hold fish but the visibility was still not that good but I was soon into the trusty Coalie by the bucket load great sport

Then I had a micro Cod

Every time the rod bent I had these 2 land very close to me they aren't daft they know I only catch gull sized fish  :cheesy:

Every now and then the fishfinder would light up with fish and the feathers would be hammered before they were even at half depth great fun

I also got a very small beautiful red codling the pic doesn't do it justice it was really orange/red

After endless action on the Coalies I managed a solitary Mackerel and then made my way back to my launch site as I could now hear the surf building and see it smashing into the rock armour at St Germains from around a mile away so it was everything stowed and secured and then asses the surf for a bit before  riding the swells to just outside the breaking zone and timed my run into the beach quite well catching a good size breaker and having to lean back to stop the bow burying but landed without incident  :cool:

The surf never looks as big in photos  :suspious:
Must have been fairly wild though as the rear tank was full

No special fish but way better than watching telly and keeps me fit
Also got some video footage if it works


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