Wednesday, 25 July 2012

This is what Fishing is all about!

This evening I decided to get out and do the sort of fishing that made me get into Kayak fishing in the first place but I had yet to have a crack at it getting to bogged down chasing other species





A spot of light tackle float fishing for the humble Mackerel but with the bonus of not having to put up with the crowds and quite often the dregs of society making a nuisance of themselves on the local piers and also allowing the use of finer tackle.


I launched out a couple of hours before high water and headed straight out into fairly deep water with the jigging rod just to see how plentiful the Mackerel were before trying the float gear but was surprised when they were quite thin on the ground but I managed a few to keep as bait and also the obligatory Coalie’s

Macky on the Float 001


Macky on the Float 004

After an hour or so with only two missed bites on the float rod I headed closer to shore and had a try in 9-14ft of water and was quickly rewarded with plenty of action to keep me busy a really fun way of fishing and great sport on light tackle made quite a change to being sat at anchor watching a rod tip


Macky on the Float 016


Macky on the Float 012



Macky on the Float 009

Macky on the Float 014

Macky on the Float 017

Macky on the Float 020

Macky on the Float 019



Yet again an excellent session afloat

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