Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Back in search of Pollock 04/10/2012

Today I headed back out for a session trolling for Pollock around the scaur edges but a combination of big seas and a lot of rain the previous week meant the water was still coloured making the lure fishing slow,after a good paddle about I got a take which failed to hook up but at least I knew something could spot the lures in the coloured conditions.


With only a few small taps over the next hour I was surprised when the rod whacked around and line started to peel off the reel at first I thought I had snagged bottom but when the drag started screaming a lot faster than I was moving it was obvious it was a fish heading for the Kelp after struggling to get the rod out of the holder for a while I leaned into the fish but it was well and truly “Kelped” but after reeeling myself towards it and putting pressuere on from directly above I soon had a nice Pollock in the net


4lb 1oz




Unfortunately that was the only action of the day so landed on an exposed scaur for a rest and managed a few snaps of the local wildlife was good seeing good numbers of Eider ducks amongst the Oystercatchers and Shag’s








Slow fishing but great to be out again!

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