Tuesday, 8 January 2013

1st paddle of the year

Managed to get my first paddle of the year in today launched at Marske at 9:30 and was joined by Davo not the best forecast but still not bad for January.
Got out to my chosen mark and dropped anchor and we didn't have to wait long for the Dabs to come on the feed hard with Dave landing countless good sized Dabs
I struggled with just a few small rattles but eventually connected with my first fish of the year

at 4lb 14oz
Really strong fish these Rays and this one kept raising itself up on its wings when brought aboard

Then the Dabs found my bait and it was hard to keep a bait down longer than a few seconds but did manage a small Thornie on my light outfit fought well on a 10-30g rod

after a lot more jumbo Dabs I hooked into what felt like a really good Thornie but it was on the light outfit again but it spat the hook out and dont think it knew it was even hooked gutted.
A small part of Daves haul of Dabs

A really enjoyable short winter session


  1. Nice to get in among a few fish. What bait were you using? I've often thought of trying some very small soft plastics at this time of year for flounder, I'm pretty sure it would work. Was the water pretty coloured?

  2. The water was very clear and Dave had a dab follow his bait right to the side of the yak

    Fishing soft plastics for the flatties is something I have been giving a bit of thought to lately and think it will be an effective method in the right conditions

    I got the rays on Mackerel and squid

  3. Nice one. BTW, looks like I'll be joining you in getting a pro fisha. :-)

  4. 575. All my neighbours, the wife, even the mouse in the garden are telling me I'm mad and I'll never get it in and out of our poxy back yard! Ordered one with red tips, thought it might be a bit safer on the car given it'll overhang a metre at either end!

  5. Fantastic the red tips will act as safety flags then haha Sharp pointy safety flags!

  6. Now Andy, must get out for a paddle soon mate. Maybe Runny is a bit sheltered at the mo. The dabs were very tasty indeed.

    Good luck with your new yak Kester.