Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Dawn raid on the Pollack grounds 19/07/2013

There is no better way of ending the last nightshift of the week than a dawn raid trolling lures in crstal clear kelp filled waters so as the sun was just about up I was launching into a fantastic sunrise

As I began to paddle out through a gap in the rockwork where the tide was funneling through I noticed some action on the surface with a few fish attacking baitfish in very shallow water possibly Bass I should have really had a few casts at these fish but instead just watched in awe as I headed into deeper water

After almost an hour of inactivity the rod tipped pulled hard round and line peeled from the spool as a Pollock was diving for cover after a short but hard scrap I could see the fish well down in the clear water over 30ft visibility today and soon had a nice Pollock in the net

A new PB pulling the scales down to 6lb 10oz

I managed another small Pollock and a small Coalie before taking some sub surface pics

A pleasant way to finish the working week


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