Monday, 19 May 2014

Tandem Toping a Welsh adventure May 2014

Myself Mark and my 7 year old son Jack headed off to sunny Wales early Thursday morning for a boys weekend of kayaking fishing and camping after arriving at the campsite we set up base had something to eat and then loaded the car back up to get to our fishing spot as the campsite is cut off at high water we had to plan our trips carefully as the launch site was a good drive south of the campsite and the road is closed for a few hours either side of high water on the bigger tides

we eventually got the kayaks down on to the beach a very tiring slog but the conditions were perfect for the mark we were planning on fishing anything other than perfect would have been a non starter as we had a 7 year old with us safety as always is paramount

we had quite a paddle out but in great conditions also joined by a small pod of dolphins after 45mins or so we were anchored up and Jack was getting stuck into his mini Sharks like a pro

After watching Jack bagging up I was starting to get concerned of a whitewash until my rod lurched and baitrunner started to sing I didnt think the first run was going to end but it did and as soon as the second run developed I engaged the reel and the fight was on after a rather hectic fight and having to ditch the anchor after being towed backwards into it we were back under control and soon got a glimpse of a large Tope in the depths

10/10 for young Jack who remained cool as a cucumber even when the Tope was crashing it tail and swiping the underside of the Kayak making a hell of a racket and also whilst I was dealing with it on board just inches away from his back

Not sure of the weight but was a lot bigger than last years estimated at 30lb but would guess in the 40-50lb range Target achieved and possibly the 1st tandem Kayak Tope in the UK
Shortly after Mark was into a Tope causing all kinds of trouble for him but will let Mark give his own report

The other planned trips were aborted by coastal mist so we had fun crab potting and dogfishing at the campsite also a great place to play in the strong tidal flow out of the harbour in a safe environment

Managed some shots of some sand gobies (I think?) and a snakeslock anemone what a difference a change of perspective can make to a photo

I couldn't be prouder of this little fellar well done Jack

worn out

A great weekend away

Video of the Tope




  1. Nice one mate - where were you camping?

  2. As someone new to kayak fishing I've had a very enjoyable hour or so reading your blog... good work!

  3. Cheers Andy hope you find it useful