Sunday, 8 June 2014

Out at first light 08/06/2014

Got a bit of a flyer from work this morning so threw some stuff together and a quick message to Mark that I would pick him up at 03:30 was all it took to get us afloat with the bonus of an awesome sunrise over the kelp filled rocky coast perfect as the wind was forecast to get strong offshore by 10am

We set the folding crab pots on the paddle out and set off trolling skimming the kelp with the plugs had a few half hearted takes and Mark was trashed by something big in the kelp but soon we were into a few small Pollack each on the plugs and managed a cod on a Pirk over the deeper water not a breath of wind allowed us to get a good distance offshore but the fishing was quite slow so headed in to troll the shallow kelp ledges which threw out a few more small Pollack nothing exciting but a great morning to be afloat

We hauled the pots on the way back in to find the usual small Coalfish inside along with a few Red Kelp Codling too


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