Sunday, 4 January 2015

A trip North of the border 03/01/2015

Me and Mark thought we would kick off the new year with a recce up to Eyemouth in search of clear water to give the summer methods a go couldn't bring myself to anchor up and bait fish so headed North crossing the Scottish Border

Had an easy launch out of the Harbour in near freezing conditions and headed towards the rocky outcrops 60ft plus of water under the rock edges in places so didn't have much confidence on getting any enquiries on my trolled plug
However had only got around 200yds when the rod wrapped around and a decent fish on couldn't believe it after a short hard fight with some decent dives the hook pulled without even ID'ing it gutted
No more action on the plugs but had a string of 4 nice Coalies on some mini shrimps

We had a short pit stop on a remote patch of pebbles to stretch our legs when I found a fine Whales tooth an interesting find

I changed tactics after this and fished a small savage sandeel amongst the kelp some 50ft down and was straight into a fine Codling around 4-5lb a great fight on the light tackle

I lost another 2 good fish in quick succession snapping the fine braid on the rocks but an excellent 1st trip of the year in stunning scenery and a few fish however the highlight was being joined briefly by a pod of around 15 Dolphins breaching very close by but sadly no pics of these

Plenty of other wildlife about too a place I will definately be returning to especially with the free dive gear


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