Saturday, 4 May 2013

Wales trip May 2013

Myself and Mark headed over to Wales to meet up with a few lads from the North West we arrived on Thursday and had to be home by Sunday and the others were arriving Friday and staying until Monday the forecasts were all over the place apart from the Thursday so on arriving we headed straight out for an experimental session

Paddling out in scorching heat and the clearest sea I have ever seen it was great paddling over the rocks and even being able to see Bass as we passed over them.

Once anchored up in our chosen spot we both sent a big Tope bait down in the tide and fished a lighter rod with smaller baits for other species

I didnt have to wait long for the light rod to start nodding and soon had the first of many Dogfish aboard with Mark getting stuck into the Doggies also non stop action until the Tope rod screamed off I picked it up and waited for the second run which came with a real wrench on the rod so engaged the spool and the fish ran straight through the rocks slicing the braid gutted but at least Mr Tope was home! and gave me a small taste of the power of these fish.

I carried on catching the dog fish and the Tope rod would give the odd small tap and slow buzz on the baitrunner and then it wrenched and screamed again so I quickly wound the 2nd rod in and held the Tope rod and it tore off tightened into it but nothing there.

Getting low on bait for this short experimental session I only fished with the Tope rod still getting the odd Doggie on the big baits and still getting some very fickle pick ups from Huss or Tope and then it Happened a scorching run followed straight after by another as soon as I engaged the spool of the Baitrunner the rod arched over and I was into something with extreme speed and power I like fishing light and could get away with a 3 oz lead and light braid so was in my element battling with whatever was on the end after some long runs down tide it shot uptide under the kayak so I passed the rod around the bow (good reason to use longer rods IMHO) and as soon as I had done so it turned back down tide leaning the Kayak quite far over to say the least but at least it was heading away from my anchor line as the fish (and me) began to tire I saw it in the crystal clear water and the sight will stay with me forever I could see the Tope with my Mackerel bait in its mouth being shadowed by another Tope and a 3rd Tope circling the pair AWESOME! Pity my GoPro froze when I turned it on to record again!!!!! at this point Mark released from his anchor came alongside to get some pics so after it appeared to be ready I brought it along side and was determined to get it on board for some pics much to Marks looks of are you mad!!  :whistle:

But soon had it aboard where it promptly went mad trying to bite my knee fishfinder mount kayak and Marks kayak  :laugh: flipped it over on to its back to calm it down (it didn't) so just got on with the unhooking big circle in the corner of the mouth was a straight forward job and with hardly any reviving it was ready to go no worse for wear using 150lb mono trace so no damage caused by wire and so chuffed to see it swimming away strongly Target achieved

Mark anchored up again and after an hour or so I heard a good scream not a reel though just Mark  :whistle: as he bent into a run I quickly ditched anchor and went to assist and take pics

after a hell of a fight Mark saw the fish and was gob smacked to see the Tope appearing from the depths cant remember the exact words but made me chuckle and after several more runs we could see why it was fighting so much it was hooked outside of the mouth so difficult to control after grabbing the trace I asked Mark if he was getting it on board which he was so rafted up with him but as the fish dived again the hook pulled free so no on board shots  of this one

unfortunately the weather turned for the worse after this very short session so when the other lads arrived we were limited to playing around in the building swell but Hopefully the other lads will get out fishing tomorrow or Monday I will be back again though a stunning place

A lot of pics and hope you enjoy the read I'm sure the other lads will add to it when they can


  1. Great trip and photos - did you have a go for the bass as well?

  2. had a quick go but then the waves were calling