Monday, 6 April 2015

A Fish & Chip off the old block 05/04/2015

Well a late change to the weather forecast on Saturday night saw myself and Jack getting an early night ready to meet up with Mark at 5am for another raid over the border seeking clear water at St Abbs

On the journey up we passed a lot of patches of thick fog something I thought might happen but carried on after all at the venue I would be within grazing distance of the rocks and cliffs, upon arrival we were greeted with a nice bright day but a thick bank of fog hugging the headland if it was an open sea session I would think twice to launching having young Jack along today but doable here
We soon got kitted up and were escorted out of the harbour by some swans

And were amongst the stunning terrain immediately trolling the likely looking spots surrounded by huge flocks of Razorbills it didn't take long to get the rod bending first fish to Dad only a small Coalie but it got Jack gripping his rod in anticipation all the same

After a bit more paddling my rod slammed around again much to Jacks disgust and a fine Pollack graced the Duo

The mist rolled in a bit as we rounded the headland but nothing seems to phase young Jack

But perseverance paid off soon enough for him as he landed a string of Coalies to the deep diving Yo Zuri minnows

The next fish had his clutch screaming a bit and soon had a nice PB Coalie on board approx 1.5-2lb a lovely fighting fit fish

Once the trolling action slowed down a bit we tucked ourselves very tight into the rocky headland and worked some savage sandeels a new method for Jack and I was over the moon as he followed my instructions perfectly as I held the Stealth duo in position just a few feet from the rock faces getting lifted up and down by the gentle swells as he worked the lure close to the bottom some 30+ ft below sure enough a few seconds later his rod hooped over and drag screaming as a very good fish dived for cover only for the hook to pull out gutted!

But he soon made up for it landing a fine pollack a few minutes later managing to control the fish and bring it to the surface unaided amazed at his progress last summer he struggled with the bigger fish hooked but not today

With Jack fighting the fish it gave me a chance to get some sub surface pics

I still managed some time to get in on the action too

Mark also got into plenty of fish

all in all a great little session with Jack equally as happy paddling and taking in the sights amongst the fantastic scenery eve happily trolling as we got pushed along on the swells through Hell's Gate

Back at the launch after a fine session

I think the smile says it all



  1. looks liken a good day out mate , some nice pics a well where was it you was fishing

    1. Cheers Ian this was St Abbs in the Scottish Borders