Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A few species on my local patch 15/07/2015

Today I had a small window in the weather and work to get out between the school runs so headed out later than my usual dawn launch the water was clearer than I was expecting so paddled out expecting the trolled lure to get hit along the way in the usual spots but sadly the lure was spared any action things weren't going to plan,I headed out deeper to do some jigging this resulted in a few small Codling with the odd better fish mixed in but all returned to fight another day

I soon lost interest in this and made my way closer to the Grey seal infested exposed rocks I have been wanting to catch a Ballan Wrasse local on a soft plastic lure for a long time but they seem to be few and far between so persisted working a Fiiish Black Minnow in very shallow kelp and boulder strewn water I soon had a few small Codling aboard one a nice golden Kelp coloured fish and one that was pushing 4lb or so but still not the intended target

I had the pleasure of a young Puffin hunting alongside the kayak for a while so had a drop down with the feathers quickly and snagged a Launce


Back onto the soft plastic lure and had a small Coalie

Then I had a few tentative plucks that I couldn't connect with or bumped off but kept at it and was delighted when a small Ballan surfaced target achieved

Happy with that I trolled back to the outer scaurs and picked up enough Mackerel on the plug to feed the family for tea so decided to head in

There was a slight Northerly swell pushing back to shore so made the most of it and managed to clock up 7.5 mph on the paddle in with very little effort a great finish to another great morning afloat

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