Monday, 3 August 2015

A quick dash out over the scaurs 02/08/2015

I couldn't sleep coming in from my nightshift so checked the forecast it looked perfect so had a quick session using soft plastics and light tackle plus this was my last chance of a session until September so headed out into a glassy sea

On approaching the outer scaurs I noticed a Common seal hauled out so approached it hoping to get some pics I was expecting it to flee but it was very approachable so had a few snaps from the yak then decided to join him on the rocks for a while and some better pics

I left him sunbathing and searched for some fish the Black minnow got hammered today almost every drift producing Cod Pollack Mackerel and a first for me a Pouting
All fish returned today apart from 2 Mackerel for tea awesome to have light tackle sport like this on my doorstep



  1. Great pictures as always Andy. You seem to building up quite a rapport with the Redcar seals! I'd have kept that pout though, then make lovely eating if you get them fresh.

  2. Cheers Nige I was tempted to try the pout maybe next time