Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Scarborough Kayak Angling Championships 2015

Myself Jack and Mark headed down to Scarborough early Saturday morning to find the car park packed with kayak anglers a great sight to see so after a brief chat with some of the other competitors we got rigged up and headed to the launch and brief

We then got the all clear to launch into a lovely surfless beach but we all knew the swell was pretty big away from the sheltered launch but it would take a bit more than a good rolling swell to put Jack off his fishing

We headed south hoping to connect with a few Bass like last year but the trolled lures went untouched and the coloured water had my expectations low until my Fiiish minnow got hit hard but bumped off after a few seconds I quickly opened the bail and let it hit the bottom before handing the rod to Jack who worked it for a few minutes before seeing him with the rod arched over after a bit of a tussle p popped a nice codling

Happy with that we kept working at it but bites were hard to come by and couldnt get a hit on the plugs still I had a few enquiries on my Fiiish minnow but couldn't connect but Jack ended up bagging another smaller Cod on his!!!! We were fortunate he caught the bigger one 1st as we could release this smaller one too

A few pics of the day

Jack back on the beach with his catch

At the weigh in his Cod was 2lb 6oz 7/8ths
And I couldn't of been prouder when he stepped up to claim his armful of prizes and getting a massive round of applause from everyone he went home chuffed to bits

A great day out

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