Saturday, 26 September 2015

Finally had a session on the RTM Tempo 26/09/2015

Well after what seems like ages of sitting looking at my new Black Tempo in the garage I finally had the opportunity to get it wet

I had my usual plan of attack with plugs and soft plastics but the pollack were thin on the ground today so mainly used the light SP outfit and had some fantastic sport landing a lot of Cod all a good stamp too best going over 8lb and a few lovely red Kelpies

Mark managed a lovely PB Cod going just the right side of 10lb

I managed to hook a mackerel and a nice little Coalie on the trolled Rapala

But the highlight of the trip was bagging a really good sized Ballan Wrasse quite a rarity on my local patch and this one battled like a tank all the way to the surface

Had a visit from a common seal they seem keen on the Black tempo

And as it was a new Kayak to me I always like to brush up on my self rescues so jumped off my fully rigged kayak in the deep water and did a couple of effortless reboards

Overall very impressed with my choice of Kayak paddles well fitted out well comfortable to fish from and can gain access to the front hatch on the water if needed very easily and the Northwater deckbag compliments it a treat absolutely love it and christened it in style


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