Tuesday, 6 October 2015

More light tackle Soft Plastic Sport Fishing 04/10/2015

After a few mornings of dense fog on our coast I wasn't very optimistic about Sunday's session, I had arranged to meet up with quite a few fellow yak anglers it was my first time fishing with one who travelled up from Sheffield for a dawn start with us Ste was keen to get amongst some Cod and Pollack and learn a bit about the area too.
I had several compasses packed and a GPS too but once at the launch the Mist was starting to thin out and there was enough visibility to be not overly concerned about
I always feel a bit of pressure when arranging to take people out as what can be great fishing one tide can be devoid of fish on the next just a pity our weather isn't consistently good otherwise I could see a career change to a kayak fishing guide on the cards

We had a bit of small surf to launch into which was great fun in the tempo and gave my Northwater Deck bag a good test all my lure boxes were dry as a bone after a couple of swampings I hung around on the edge of the surf zone whilst everyone launched and all got out without incident I did see Sam in his Kraken emptying out his tackle box of a good amount of saltwater after taking a wave over his bow lol.
The plan was Soft Plastics again and I was immediately into fish

I had some great sport bagging lots of Cod with two going close to double figures one of which was a lovely Red "kelpie" and had a few Pollack up to 6lb all returned to fight again

Ste was struggling with his heavier gear so I gave him a few lures and he was into fish and caught consistently throughout the day

It was great to see the other lads getting plenty of sport too Chris shouted me over to photograph a nice Pollack he had in his net so after a quick pic he released the fish to fight another day

Then it was Mark who wanted a pic of a nice Ballan Wrasse which had engulfed his lure so I managed to remove the hook and get a picture after a few minutes reviving it the wrasse swam away no worse for wear

I stayed with Mark for a drop down with the lures and Marks Rod was dragged under the surface with massive force I knew straight away it was a special fish and we both said its a double figure Pollack we were to be proved right when this beast surfaced

At 12lb 2oz this was a PB for Mark chuffed to bit for him as I'm yet to land a double figure Pollack
Whilst he was playing the beast I connected with a strong Pollack too but mine was half the size so had it landed,photographed and released by the time Marks was on board

I had very little action on the trolled plugs but managed to lose one nice fish and land one Pollack on the plug

By this time I was busting for a pee break but the outer Scaurs were taking an age to expose and with the bit of swell on the rocks were getting washed over but with paddling plastic now I got alongside the sheltered edge and hopped onto the highest point and dragged the Tempo high and dry great feature this at nearly a mile out to sea a good place to stretch the legs

After a bite to eat and the fishing starting to slow down myself and Mark decided to hit a wreck on the way back in and it was on form today Mark managed some nice Codling and I got myself a lovely Ballan Wrasse and a lovely coloured Red Cod of around 6lb

Some GoPro stills from the day

I kept a very small part of my catch for the table

Another fantastic day on the water

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